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Raven Brand Ambassador Arrangement

  • Access to exclusive Ambassador Codes
  • Earn cash rewards through unique referral codes
  • Advanced viewing of new Raven products and other “Insider” perks
  • Growth of personal brand through new social media relationships
  • Provide feedback about your favourite hockey stick with a direct line to Raven

Expectations for Raven Hockey Ambassadors:

Must be enthusiastic about sharing your hockey photos in the public space and allow us to share them* on our social media accounts.

Be an inspiration to others by showcasing your dedication to improving your hockey skills by using Raven sticks and encouraging your followers and friends to do the same.

Comment, like and follow profiles that are relevant to you and make sure to engage with new followers (ie. if someone new follows you, follow them back and thank them for doing so).

Start conversations about Raven on content posted by others either inside or outside your network

Contribute a minimum of 2 – 5 unique social media posts per month with personalized content. Remember to be authentic and keep it fresh. Raven is looking for organic posts that contain our products being used in a hockey setting (please ensure that all ambassador posts are on topic and relevant to Raven’s brand and proper usage of the product).

Assist in promoting new product launches, sales, and giveaways with both posts and online community engagement.

Post approved content given out by Raven at specific times to ensure consistency between ambassadors

Ambassadors should amplify messaging put forth by Raven, as well as content posted by other ambassadors to ensure maximum reach

Approximately 10 relevant-to-content hashtags should be used when posting to instagram. This will help new people find you.  Some examples of good hashtags are: #ravenspotting, #minorhockey, #kidssports, #icehockey, #kidshockey, #<your city> etc.

Ambassador and Referral codes may only be used on the proper channels (ie. you cannot spam the codes all over the internet).

All information must remain confidential between all parties involved, only approved information can be disseminated.

Exclusivity to Raven is prefered but not required

All posts must be consistent and reflect the good nature of minor hockey. Offensive posts will result in immediate removal from the program. Inactive ambassadors will also be subject to removal

Brand Ambassadors must be in compliance with all regulations relating to posting advertisements, as well as the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Ambassadors will have a point of contact within Raven to ensure they can ask questions, be provided content, and have a general liaison to ensure vision is met.

*Please note that we reserve the right to determine which posts will be reposted.

There is absolutely no cost to be a Raven Hockey Ambassador, Your parent or guardian must approve your application.

How to qualify to be a Raven Ambassador:

Currently OWN a Raven Hockey stick and love sharing your hockey experience with your friends. (You must already own a Raven Hockey Stick. This program is not intended for bloggers but instead for actual users of the products.)

Be active on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (profile must be public) (Minimum 150 followers) with both post count as well as follower engagement (looking for ambassadors that can start a discussion online and have many different people engaging with their social media content)

Passion for improving your hockey skills and showcasing these upgraded skills to those around you

Ability to engage others in the online discourse

Brand Ambassador Engagement Term:

1 year period, starting the day you get accepted into the program. At the end date, we will contact you IF we are going to renew your status.

Please fill-in the required information below

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
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