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Hockey sticks for younger players so they can get the same flex as the pros.

Sticks designed for growing athletes

We build hockey sticks for growing body sizes and weights, regular sticks are way too stiff for younger players, negatively impacting skill development. Optimal flex means more power and accurate shots.

Give your child the edge

Our sticks make it easier for young players to shoot properly and get more power. Even more important, they contribute to better techniques and habits from their very first hockey stick.

We’re hockey parents too

Raven was started because of a simple question: why aren’t there hockey sticks with appropriate flex for our own kids? That’s why we began creating sticks for young players.

Optimal flex means better shots

Hockey sticks are like a bow and arrow. When a child uses a bow built for an adult, they aren’t able to get the same power. But if they use a bow with suitable flex for their body size, they can achieve tremendous power and accuracy.

It’s the same for hockey sticks. Optimal flex means better kick and power. And that means better shots.


Flex should match body size

The relationship is simple: most hockey players should be using a stick with a flex rating that equals less than 50% of their body weight.

Most Pros weigh around 200 lbs and use sticks that are around 90 to 100 flex.

Kid’s sticks are too stiff

Young players weigh between 40 and 100 lbs and the average stick is 50 flex. And when a few inches are chopped off the top, the stick becomes more like 80 flex—the same as many professional hockey players!

Most kids’ hockey sticks are way too stiff – especially for younger players.

Creates better shooting habits

Every shot, hockey players load power into the stick and that provides the kick to launch their shot. The hockey stick requires just the right amount of flex for the best kick.

If a hockey stick is too stiff, a young player won’t be strong enough to get any kick from their stick. This means they’ll resort to flipping the puck and this contributes to poor shooting habits.

When young players use sticks with appropriate flex, they’ll learn how to properly transfer power through the stick. It starts by getting a stick with the right amount of flex for their size and weight.

What Our Players Are Saying

I have just recently purchased a Raven stick for my 8 year old and all I can say is “Thank You”. The 20 flex is exactly what he needed!! Great job on creating a “tweener” stick for all those kids trying to make the jump from a youth to a junior.

Erick Euverman – Langley, BC

I just got my new Raven 40 Stick from my grandpa today and WOW….I LOVE it! I noticed the difference right away. My shots are way more powerful! Thanks for making a great new stick for kids! Watch out goalies..

Levi Lang, Centre #10 Lethbridge, Alberta

Find the perfect flex and fit

Raven creates sticks for growing  players of all sizes. This means our sticks come in a range of flex ratings so you can match the stick to your player.

To find the flex rating your player needs, fill out our flex calculator. You can also use the calculator to see if their current stick provides the optimal flex for their size and weight.

60-day warranty on all sticks

We are hockey parents also, so we know that it’s important to make sure your child’s gear

While the industry average is a 30-day warranty for manufacturing defects, we have a 60-day warranty on all our sticks.

The little things make a difference.  Play with an Edge

Limited Edition.  Lighter, Faster.  Goalies hate Ninjas.

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