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Rule Of Flex

It’s pretty simple…  All Hockey Players should be using a stick with a Flex Rating that equals less than 50% of their body weight.

Let’s use logic…  Most NHL Players weigh 190-220 lbs & use sticks that are 85-110 flex.  That makes sense.

So why would kids weighing 40-100 lbs use a Junior Stick (50 Flex) and then cut 4-8 Inches off making it even stiffer?  That’s more like a 60-70-80 flex stick?   That doesn’t make sense at all.

Raven sticks are Designed & Built specifically for kids…  Kids deserve to have the same Flex & Feel that the pros get, and that’s why your kids should use the Raven EDGE 20/30/40/50 so they can learn to shoot properly & LET IT FLY!

Why Flex?

It’s not really about the flex… it’s about the kick you get after you let the flex go!

Imagine you are using a bow & arrow. Can a child use an adult’s bow & arrow? Would they be able to pull the bow string back to fire that arrow? Pulling the bow string loads the power into the arrow. When you let it go – you release all the power you put into it…. That’s the “kick” you want! It’s the same idea with shooting in hockey… You load power into your stick to load the “shot”, and then “kick” or “flex gain” helps to launch your shot. If a hockey stick is too stiff, a young player won’t be strong enough to get any kick from their stick, and they resort to ‘flipping’ the puck, forming a bad shooting habit.

Raven sticks are built for young players, and they fit!

Flex Calculator

Want know the Flex of your current stick after you cut it down?  Or find out which Raven will fit you best?
Our Flex Calculator will tell you:

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